Sunday, 15 May 2011

Promo Artefact - Love Cream zine

For my Promo Artefact I abandoned my idea of some kind of totem pole thing for a more practical idea, a colloboration between myself and some of my peers to produce a small magazine with our images in it.

We decided to produce a small magazine using the newspaper club website. Initially the theme to our artwork was going to be "Kurt Russell", we wanted to do something quite random and something totally different to what we had done before. We were just going to have quite a loose starting point, then it evolved into a kind of stalker fan-zine of Kurt Russell, and the results are... well you can see for yourselves.

I have included a copy of the LOVE CREAM magazine, pinned to my display board

Check out the LOVE CREAM facebook page here: LOVE CREAM


Mark Mottershead

Stephen Brown

Stephen Nuttall

Chris Howker

and me!

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