Sunday, 15 May 2011

Major Project: Final Images w/Roughs - Image 4 "The Great Flood"

This is another image that came fairly easily to me, there is only one rough here because there are a couple of very small thumbnails in my sketchbook and the rest I was drawing on the lino and then erasing it and drawing over, I should of photocopied them to show the progression but I didn’t but enough of that, on with the post...

As I said, it came fairly easily to me as I knew I wanted to have the stone lino with its eyes red, as in the story when the lion statue’s eyes glow, the flood will come. So with it being very narratively driven, I knew I needed to have the lion statue and something to show a flood. At first I had a sort of wavy water line as you can see from the rough, and I was going to have the everything above the water line being opposite to everything below, in terms of positive/negative with the black and white. However after some discussion with tutors I added the wave to make the flood look a little more violent. Also it looked nice in some of the roughs to have the lion facing away from the wave as if unaware of its fate, so that stuck.

Obviously you can see how the Lion is very different from the rough to the final. This is similar to what I commented on in the last post in that I decided not to completely steal a Chinese style lion as it would be too direct a symbol of Chinese culture. Instead I made a more western looking lion but I think it works well. I also decided to have the lion on some sort of plinth to symbolise the fact that its meant to be a statue of a lion, not an actual lion.

Images Copyright Dan Hodgkinson 2011

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