Sunday, 15 May 2011

Major Project: Final Images w/Roughs - Image 2 "The Cave of Beasts"

This is again an image that I had already worked on and had a good idea for, so it was basically a matter of refining it and converting it to the lino. My main objectives with this image both when I was working on it before I made the decision to do solely lino’s, and afterwards, was to make the shape of the kettle right, and to get the wolf inside the kettle right also. I needed to make the kettle read as a kettle to the viewer but also to not make it look too much like a teapot. Also twinned with this problem was the problem of the shape of the wolf. After going through the earlier, non-lion versions, I was aware that the wolf just wasn’t right and it didn’t look enough like a wolf, and it could have done with looking more foetal inside the kettle.

So I went about solving the problem with many drawings of the image [again the roughs here don’t represent the amount of drawings I did] and slowly I began to get a feel for the wolf and how it could be more foetal. I am quite happy with the wolf in the final image, although I think I could deal with its shape slightly better, as its legs are hidden at the moment, although this was to give it an overall more streamlined foetal shape, I think the viewer could read it better with legs. Also I think upon reflection I could have included more marks to represent its fur.
I am happy with the overall shape of the kettle and the steam issuing from the spout, but if I was to tackle the image again, I would probably refine the flames and the wolf inside the kettle.

Images Copyright Dan Hodgkinson 2011

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