Saturday, 10 April 2010

Curse Of The Multiples

While trying to find something to inspire ideas for this new brief I came a cross a website of a graphic designer/artist Evan Melnyk called "Curse of the Multiples". I really like the stuff on there and I have included one of his images as it sparked off some thoughts for this new brief, to do with the ghost theme. I like how the ghost sort of have another lower opacity ghost behind them and I thought a similar approach might be a good way to approach the illustrations I need to do for my latest brief.

Click here for the website

7x7 Brief

It seems that for some reason my mind is completely blank for the 7x7 brief. My story is called "The Misfortune of Edward Foster" and is about a man who slips on some steps and dies and then becomes a ghost and doesn't realise until he gets home but for some reason his son can still see him and he appears normal to his son and then he meets a woman ghost who has died from some sort of disease and then she disappears through a wall and then the story ends... got it? (lack of punctuation was deliberate). So needless to say I am struggling with the ideas gen. and I'm actually quite glad to be in Uni on monday to get some help.

Sunday, 4 April 2010