Sunday, 15 May 2011

Contacts with Commisioning Clients #1

Faber and Faber

On the Tuesday of our trip to London we visited art director Donna Payne and her colleagues at Faber and Faber. They were very gracious hosts [even offering us biscuits!] and gave us a huge chunk of there surely very busy schedule.

It was a very informative and interesting meeting at which Donna and her colleagues took us through the process of commissioning an illustrator and the nature of the communication between illustrator, publisher, and client. I must admit I was quite nervous at first but soon I realised they are just normal and very nice people and I felt much more confident about approaching similar people in the future. Also they all had very kind words for us regarding our work, and also very useful advice as well, about both our physical and PDF folio's.

Additionally, it was very interesting to see their offices and what kind of working environment they had.

A huge thanks to Donna and her co-workers at Faber and Faber.

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