Saturday, 11 December 2010

Potential Clients List - a few more

A few more potential clients, obviously I need contact details for these people but I just thought I'd note them down here because I am very likely to misplace the piece of paper they are currently written on!

PUBLISHER: Harper (an imprint of harper collins)
PUBLICATION: Agatha Christie mysteries.

PUBLISHER: Walker Books
PUBLICATION: "Necropolis" by Anthony Horowitz

PUBLISHER: Oxford University Press
PUBLICATION: "Finding Sky" by Joss Stirling

PUBLISHER: Bantam Books (London)
PUBLICATION: "Relics Of The Dead" by Ariana Franklin

PUBLISHER: Headline Publishing
PUBLICATION: "The Templar" by Paul Doherty

PUBLISHER: Macmillan Publishers

PUBLISHER: Vintage Modern Classics

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