Tuesday, 21 December 2010

PDP Entrepreneurial Artefact

This is my idea for the promotional artifact. I wanted to make a totem pole with collectible heads, and initially I was going to sculpt them from clay, but when I came to consider how it would be mass produced I thought it better to be flat. That way I could make the designs onto stickers and stick them onto the heads separately.

In terms of selling the product, I would sell the pole and base, and one of heads, and then also other heads separately. That way the customer can buy whatever heads they want and make their own personal totem pole, thus giving the person a uniqueness to their own choice and order of heads.

At the moment it is made from wood, however I would seek to make it out of plastic for easier manufacturing and to also have the heads cylindrical. I have included some sketches of what designs might go on the heads including a Pirate, Knights Helmet, Robot and Native American Mask. These are all things I like and things that inspire me. I would seek to include some nice line-work in these designs to remind clients and anyone who buys it of my illustration work, and I would have my contact details around the rim of the base.

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