Monday, 15 November 2010

Stolen Peace Album Art

I have recently come across the opportunity to submit some artwork for the band "Stolen Peace" for their album "Bones" (if my work is chosen, obviously). I am quite excited about this as I am a fan of rock and roll and metal music so this is right up my street. Also the band has given a good idea of what they want on the album cover in terms of themes etc. One of the things that really grabbed my attention was that the album is named "Bones" because of the band feeling as if they have to give up the bones of who they are as people and musicians to get recognition in the industry. I think this is a great statement and will be trying to visually represent this in my artwork.

So here's a quick page of little sketches of my initial thoughts, they're all quite cliche with regards to rock and metal album covers, but, I really don't care. That's what I love about most album covers of that genre, straight to the point, no frills just cool as F**K images. I hope to express the the bands feelings in regards to giving up the bones of who they are, but at the same time I want it be a really cool, eye-catching image. Rest assured it wont be some abstract expressionist crap that takes four hours to explain.

Check out the Stolen Peace's website here and give them your support if you feel so inclined -


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