Saturday, 13 November 2010

Negotiated Project - Final (ish) Illustrations

So, I've finished (sort of) the illustrations for the Negotiated Project, which for me, is images based on some quotes from Paradise Lost. We had the preliminary deadline and I handed my illustrations in, and I am quite happy about he feedback I have received. As far as the images are concerned I am pleased with them. There are some issues to iron out but on the whole, I think they are working well and fulfilling the brief that I initially set out. I have to find somewhere to get them nicely printed and bound though!

I have had a good experience on this project, learning some things along the way that has given me a clearer idea of my working method. For example, I was using the collograph technique to produce a "base" image. What I mean by this is that the printing technique created a textured background and solid shapes, and I was adding to this with hand rendered line work. As much as I love the collograph technique and I will definitely be using it in the future (in fact I think it has become a mainstay of my working method) I think I may have used it too much. When the background texture and main foreground shapes were on the same plate, it created problems. I had to discard some prints because, even though the main shapes looked really nice, the background was too dark, and so I couldn't really use it. If I had created these elements separately, then I could simply alter their levels digitally to fit.

Furthermore, I think I overused the collograph technique, because I could have created a similar effect in a much more time effective and efficient way. I really like the background texture, but this effect could be similarly created with a roller and some ink. In fact, I could even create several sheets of these textures and scan them, so that i would always have nice textures on hand.

So with regards to collographs, I will definitely be using them in the future, as I love the effect they produce and the analogue quirks that go with them. I really enjoy the "halo" of white space that the process leaves around shapes sometimes as well. However, I have (importantly) learned when to use the process, and when not to, and I think the things I have learned along the way on this project will be more valuable to me than the images I have produced.

PS - I am happy with the inclusion of the fine line work in these images as well, and feel good that it wasn't just a one trick pony with the 7x7 project. I enjoy using the fine line work and will seek to use it more and more in my work.

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