Thursday, 18 March 2010

What It Feels Like - Finished Illustrations

These are my finished illustrations for the "what it feels like" brief. Again I am happy with them considering the time limit and I feel the ideas were fairly good. From bottom to top they are; to be really, really tall, to have tourettes, and to be bitten by a shark.

The idea for the really tall story was based on a part of the text where the man describes being like a contortionist getting into his car, so I tried to show the figure very cramped inside the silhouette of his car. However I possibly could have spent more time on the figure and done more versions of it to get exactly the right one.

The next one is the "to have tourettes story". I made a simple figure shape to communicate the person in the story and then made his body out of the different words he said, such as toast, butter, and monkey; to show that these words were constantly inside him ready to burst out at any moment. I also made the figures head a scribble to show how chaotic it must be to not be able to control your speech. Unfortunatley it didnt have as much impact as I would have hoped on a smaller scale.

The final illustration is the one I chose to be the front cover, to be bitten by a shark. I was quite happy with this although personally I feel the rough's work better as putting it through photoshop seems to have sucked the soul from it. I did many different sharks but I realised that they were just nice sharks and had no real idea behind them. So I chose to try and represent the shark as just what really matters, eyes and teeth. I put a swimming figure in the eye as a sort of a reflection to try and show that the shark was eyeing up the swimmer ready to strike at any possible moment, and to reinforce how vulnerable we are to such a predator, and in doing that reinforce the amazing story of survival from such an attack.

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  1. Dan these illustrations are fantastic, looking at 'itten by a shark' the first thing that came through my mind was a really unique perspective or a jaws poster.

    The tourettes and the car posters are brilliant aswell, these three peices are fantastic, they have a really strong linked atmosphere to them that borders on the playful side yet gives of an underlying sense of un ease.

    Really nice stuff Dan cant wait to see more.