Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Photo-grafik project

My initial ideas on the photo-grafik project (after speaking to Rick M) were to use shapes to block out photographs leaving only a portion of them to be seen through the shape. These turned out quite good as the images were being framed in interesting ways. However, it became even more interesting when I used the shape itself on top of the photograph to block out some of the image. This worked well as it forced the viewer to imagine what was underneath the shape and also to try and piece together what was missing by what was actually there. It seemed to force the viewer to establish the identity of the person by what was surrounding them, taking the focus away from their facial features and onto what was around them to give a sense of their identity. Ian M pointed me towards a book called "the commissar vanishes", which details the disappearance of members of Stalin's political party from official photographs. These started off being cleverly removed, but eventually became rather brutally inked out, which interestingly also served as a warning to other members. These are a couple of photos I have found from that book. Hopefully I will be able to do something similar with my work, although what that is remains to be seen...

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