Saturday, 23 October 2010

Negotiated Project

So, I haven't yet done a post on the negotiated project so I think its about time. I feel very relived to have 7x7 out of the way and be able to get on with this self directed project. I am illustrating "Paradise Lost", the epic poem by John Milton. I studied it at Ashton Sixth Form College on the English Lit course so I have a bit of a heads up on the content. The poem is wonderfully descriptive and has some great metaphors including epic, yes, EPIC metaphors! The basic story is that God has cast Satan and the other rebellious angels out of heaven and into Hell, and in order to get revenge on God Satan wants to get to Earth and tempt mankind, however Satan doesn't realise that God wants him to do that as it is all part of his eternal providence.

Obviously that is quite a grand thing to try and illustrate so I have picked out 8 quotes that I feel are really nice and I am going to illustrate them. In terms of format its going to be A3. Recently after a few chats with various tutors and peers I feel a lot clearer on what my "style" (if I dare use that word) is. Or if not style at least the processes in which I am currently working. I really enjoyed making collographs in first year and so I am returning to them with some success (at least I think so). Also I seem to be fairly proficient with very fine (0.05mm!) line work and so this is something I am incorporating into my work more often. I guess I can thank 7x7 for something as it was making my own pattern for this that I discovered the fine line work as a strength of mine.

Anyway, here's a quick sketch to give a rough idea how each page might look... far I have done collographs for the 1st two pages, the "infernal serpent" and the "battle in heaven". The collographs will be the "base" if you like of each image and then I will add other stuff like screen printed or hand drawn (fine line work) into them to add to rich analogue feel of them, however there will inevitably be digital work to be done...

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