Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Current happenings...

Just a quick overview of whats going on at the moment, firstly the Negotiated Project that I was really looking forward to has taken a backseat, due to the ghosts of the past (in the form of the 7x7 project) coming back to haunt me.

So my 7x7 illustrations have changed some since last summer. I refined the silhouette in illustrator and then also re-did the pattern. After a talk with Ian the silhouette has been refined AGAIN to a much more simple one, to show off more of the pattern.
With regards to the spot, I made the shape of a pocket watch in illustrator then added hand drawn numbers and hands to its face. Then I drew another skull to represent the number 12, and I scanned in a chain to use as the chain on the pocket watch. The requirements of the printers i.e only having blue and black as colours haven't made all that much difference as my illustrations were almost black and white anyway, but the photoshop trickery involved in breaking up the layers has been a massive pain in the arse, so big thanks to Chris Howker for helping me with that.

The 7x7 animation is going well, currently I'm working with illustrator Ste Nuttall and MI students Tom Mathieson and Luke Haslam on the animation for 7x7. Things are going well with some really cool stuff being made by Tom and Luke, and Ste and myself making some elements for the MI guys to animate. They are both cool guys so working with them is a pleasure and I can't wait for the end result.

So, hopefully I'll be able to get 7x7 out of the way soon and really get into this Negotiated Project and get making some Collographs and Screens!

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