Thursday, 6 May 2010

7x7 Final Images

These are my final images for the 7x7 Brief. For the main image, I stuck with the idea of the Victorian gentleman's silhouette, filled with my custom pattern, on a black background. I tried various different coloured backgrounds however I wasn't happy with any of them, and black just seemed to fit. It also fits in with the rather dark subject matter and the funereal aesthetic of the Victorian gent. The idea of the spot image started out when Gary Spicer looked at some of my sketches and pointed out that an open pocket watch might make for an interesting composition, i.e dividing the page out into two circles. I started to make the elements and compose the illustration but the two circles didn't seem to be working. I used my Dad's pocket watch and scanned it in, but it didn't have the design whereas it would open up into two halves, so after a while of experimenting, I decided it would be better to just have one side of the watch in the illustration. Again I used a William Morris pattern as a background and the reason for the black mark behind the watch is because without it, the details of the watch face were lost among the pattern. I tried a perfect black circle but this didn't look as good as a more rough mark. I also included a very faint skull drawing within the watch face again to symbolise that the main character of the story dies.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic illustrations Dan, very sombre and evocative.

    really like the subdued colour palette, in this case the strict use of colour helps to create a good focus on the detail.