Thursday, 21 January 2010


So, I have chosen to do the D & AD brief designing a poster for Don't Panic with the theme "resistance". My initial thoughts were very cliche and typical; riots, guerilla warfare, petrol bombs, civil unrest, saying F**K OFF to the goverment and all that jazz, but I thought I would try and think outside the box a little bit.
After a chat with Ian, he directed me to a site called the Idler, basically a way of resisting small things in life, such as, not wearing a watch, so as not to be conscious of the time and let it rule your life.
I started to think of ways of peaceful resistance, like not buying major brands. However after realising that I was sat in a pair of Primark jeans, wearing Adidas trainers and drinking a bottle of Coke, I couldnt bear the hypocrisy of it all. Also I thought it all felt a bit preachy.
So, after another chat with Ian, I decided I would take the approach of not what I do resist, but what I would like to resist, and how it could make my life better. My biggest time-consuming vice is playing on my games console, and I started thinking, other than pure recreation, it has no purpose. It uses up so much time and yet nothing is achieved, aside from progress on a game, but then, that is only relevant while playing on the game anyway. So after this small epiphany, I have decided to experiment with the idea of resisting playing on computer games or watching mind-numbing TV, as I think it is something a lot of people can relate to. Come on, you know who you are, sat watching that awful Channel 5 action movie. TURN IT OFF!!


  1. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAH im sat here watching Starship Troopers 3 :P ahahhha too true!

  2. damn ok... you have good points.... but hell i cant resist everything, i need at least this vice.

    nice idea though, youve reached a rather out of the box conclusion!