Sunday, 22 November 2009

Louise Vormittag - ContainerPlus

We recently had a lecture from Lousie Vormittag of ContainerPlus, which was very informative, enjoyable, and a good insight into the ups and downs of collaborative work.
Louise had some gems of wisdom, such as having the same level of commitment is necessary to a healthy working relationship and that it is good to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of the different members of your team. She also commented on how making your group bigger can be a mistake as it is harder to come to decisions with many different peoples opinions.
Louise also said that it is important to have real conversations with your team members when discussing ideas, and that there is no room for a big ego in a team.
Also a she said something that I think would apply to anyone taking on commissioned work; "sort out money issues before money becomes an issue".

Altogether a very interesting lecture and a thoroughly nice lady.

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