Saturday, 19 March 2011

Lino Printing - Thoughts

Looking at some of the Chinese Propaganda posters, I noticed that some of them looked as though they were Lino cuts, and so I decided to have a go at one myself. I have wanted to try this technique for some time and my tutor Gary thought it would be a good idea.

So I acquired some lino and a cutter and began making the bird for my image “the bird with nine heads”. The technique proved to be a very therapeutic one at times, but also very taxing at the same time! I literally put my blood and sweat into doing it as I cut myself many times with the cutter.

However, as a whole I greatly enjoyed the process and the results are really nice. In terms of time, they are quite time consuming, but I think that they can be done within a reasonable time frame to accommodate a client in the “real world”. I will hopefully include some form of Lino cut in each image to give a nice feeling of continuity within the series.

I feel as though I relinquished quite a lot of control during the making of the Lino cut, however this may have been a positive thing as it forced me to work slightly differently than I would with collograph or line work.

Also, I think that the Lino cuts fit in nicely with my collographs and linework, they are not massively contrasting and work nicely together, so hopefully this is something I can add to my arsenal of techniques, to use in the future.

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