Thursday, 11 February 2010

Resistance Brief Further Progress

So, after deciding that I was to create a grotesque creature that embodied computer games/ the internet etc, and have someone resisting it, I set out to get some visual reference for the creature itself. I braved the college library, usually a den of deliquincy inhabited by all the scallies and G-stars stockport college has to offer, you wouldn't believe the shit ive heard while sat at a PC in there... anyway I digress...

I acquired some good visual refernce on snakes, octopi, bugs and other such interesting creatures and set about making a couple of animal-frankensteins from the cut out appendages of said creatures. This was mostly to get a feel of what it looked like to have the different photographs mashed up. After a couple of attempts it was clear that a solid silhouette needed to be established, i.e it needed to be definitely a spider or a snake or an octopus, not somewhere inbetween, as it wasn't communicating very well. Also, I got a lot of visual reference and found imagery of technological things, to begin making creatures with. I found Scart leads, TRS cables, circuit boards, games console logos and controllers, and soon I had created a spider like creature. I used a pen to hatch over the points at which the photographs met, to disguise them a bit.

After a talk with Ian M I realised that I had made my creature quite friendly looking, and also that it didn't have a strong enough spider silhouette yet. So I set out with renewed vigour to get this spider right. I established a better silhouette, one that was defined the creature clearly as a spider, and found some better elements to make it meaner looking.

So after a couple of attempts, I'm happy with the spider, it has a good mix of found image, hand made marks, and some real nuts and bolts in there to give it a mechanical look. All thats left now is to create the character that will be resisting this grotesque demonisation of computer games....

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